Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Chomped the Genet?!

About 2 months ago I found a very young Genet (Genetta genetta) also known as a small-spotted Genet. The little bugger was squeaking away just off the path of the morning walk I do around the plot on which I rent a small house. It took me a while to find him and when I did I picked him up and stroked him and he calmed right down. I decided to leave him and see if mother may be nearby. Sure enough I came back a while later and he was gone. Well a few days later I walked down the same path and picked up a rather unsavoury smell...very unsavoury, after allot of searching high and low and even grabbing a Jack Russell or two to help me (they could not find it either) I eventually found the carcass of an adult Genet very close to where I found the young blighter a few days back ...'bugger' I thought, if that's the mother then the youngster has had it, should have kept it. What killed the Genet would not be revealed until some time later....

...and thus a few days ago, two months after finding the body of the adult I found the skeleton of the adult Genet, perfect condition as you can see from the photo and low and behold rather large holes in the skull, predator teeth ...Jack Russell sized teeth marks...Lucy and Joey the landlord's JR's are in the dog house!  


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